I was asked by the PDX Contemporary Gallery to show my work for their Window Project in October 2012.

This project started with looking at the phrase "Face Each Day" and thinking about it from two different angles. In one way as a reminder to look at each day as a gift and to try and face any fears or obstacles as they come. In another sense it was a simple directive to challenge myself to do more of something I've always been interested in, which is illustration. I began drawing faces and posting them on my Instagram this summer without any real intended purpose other than the ritual. In most of my work, even before entering the world of art, I've been interested in highlighting others either through collaboration, curation, or initiating a project that gives me an excuse to introduce myself to a new person and/or field of work. When looking at the faces I had created I remembered a wooden sign maker in town that I had always been curious about and wondered how these faces would look as large sculptural objects.

Hand carved wooden faces by Custom Wood Signs.

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